As we use agents to distribute our cider across the world, we don’t always know where it ends up, so we began the Great Thistly Cross Lists! These include lots of top suggestions by Thistly fans who kindly contacted us with the names of places where they found our cider; proudly listed in the FanFound section.

Remember to check with the retailer first before travelling any serious distance though as Thistly often sells out! If you can’t find anywhere local (and you’re in mainland UK), why not try our online shop? And if you can help Thistly Hunters (and us) by suggesting more places, it’d be really appreciated.

Outlet Name Where? FanFound?
Mebold Wein-und Getränke-Handel, 72458 Albstadt  
Offside Pub & Whisky Bar, 13357 Berlin-Wedding  
Whisky & Stone, 87488 Betzigau  
Brühler Whiskyhaus, 50321 Brühl  
N° 2 Die Altstadtkneipe, 04509 Delitzsch  
Spahn Scotch Warehouse GBR, 64807 Dieburg  
TasteWhiskey, 47178 Duisburg Sarah K
Unlicht & online Dusseldorf  
Scotland-and-Malts, 16225 Eberswalde  
Whisky & Dreams, 64859 Eppertshausen  
Whiskey-Botschafter Volker Raetzke, 23701 Eutin  
Whisky Depot, 22391 Hamburg  
M. Niemeyer Cigarren e.K. im Alsterhaus, 20354 Hamburg  
Getränke Holz GmbH, 71083 Herrenberg Günter M online in Germany Günter M online in Germany Günter M online in Germany  
Cigar-Malt & More, 85051 Ingolstadt  
Martins Weindepot, 25813 Kiel  
Scotia Spirit, 50670 Kln  
Notenschlüssel, 51373 Leverkusen  
Villa Konthor, 65549 Limburg  
Friedrich Ahrens KG, Lügde  
Wein- & Whiskyshop, 63477 Maintal Sarah K
MacDragons, Marburg Marburg Seb
Das Rock Cafe Munster, 48143 Münster  
Whisky Dungeon, 48143 Münster  
Celtic Whisk(e)y & Versand, 90459 Nürnberg  
Gradls Whiskyfässla, 90475 Nürnberg  
House of Whisky, 31683 Obernkirchen  
Whiskyland-Oranienburg, 16515 Oranienburg Norbert O
Pusteblume, 49179 Ostercappeln  
Brick House – Saxo Bar, 42853 Remscheid  
Willi’s Whisky Tasting, 65428 Rüsselsheim  
Vinum – Wein & Mehr, 58239 Schwerte  
Barbara’s Wine-yards, 68723 Schwetzingen  
Hugo Jahn e.K. 42697 Solingen  
Malts & More Wedel  
Whisky & More, 34599 Zimmersrode