As we use agents to distribute our cider across the world, we don’t always know where it ends up, so we began the Great Thistly Cross Lists! These include lots of top suggestions by Thistly fans who kindly contacted us with the names of places where they found our cider; proudly listed in the FanFound section.

Remember to check with the retailer first before travelling any serious distance though as Thistly often sells out! If you can’t find anywhere local (and you’re in mainland UK), why not try our online shop? And if you can help Thistly Hunters (and us) by suggesting more places, it’d be really appreciated.

Outlet Name Location FanFound?        
Nimini Gourmet, Store, Rocca al Mare Center, Paldiski mnt. 102 Tallinn          
Cafe Paco, Paldiski mnt 102 Tallinn          
NOP, Deli Shop & Cafe, Köleri 1 Tallinn          
Pudelibaar, Telliskivi 60a Tallinn Maryo S        
Leib Resto ja Aed Restaurant, Uus 31 Tallinn Maryo S        
TOPS, Bar, Soo 12 Tallinn Maryo S        
Sesoon Cafe, Niine 11 Tallinn Maryo S        
Till ja Kummel Restaurant, Nunne 7 Tallinn Maryo S        
Rataskaevu 16 Restaurant, Rataskaevu 16 Tallinn Maryo S        
Kamahouse Köök Cafe-Studio, Kopli 25 Tallinn Maryo S        
Drink Shop, Store, Müürivahe 15 Tallinn Maryo S        
Kohalik, Cafe, Koidu 82 Tallinn Maryo S        
Koht, Bar, Lai 8 Tallinn Maryo S        
Must Puudel, cafe, Müürivahe 50 Tallinn Maryo S        
Sinilind, Cafe, Müürihave 50 Tallinn Maryo S        
Tallina Kaubamaja, Store, Gonsiori 2 Tallinn Maryo S        
Noir, Cafe, Ülikooli 7/Raekoja Plats 1 Tartu Maryo S        
J.R.Schramm’i Keller, Pub, Rüütli 11 Tartu Maryo S        
Villa Marghareta, Restaurant-Cafe, Tähe 11/13 Tartu Maryo S        
Naiiv, Bar, Vallikraavi 6 Tartu Maryo S        
Tartu Kaubamaja, Store, Riia 1 Tartu Maryo S