Thistly in Texas & Chicago

luke photoSo we’re back for another trip to the Lone Star state, and as Thistly Luke is our International Cider Go-To-Guy, he’s just the man for the job, so it’s over to him currently stateside:

“Thistly Cross has been visiting the USA a lot in the past 12 months and we are winning the hearts and minds of Americans across 45 states (so far!), so we thought we’d better start spreading the word of the Scots-led cider revolution that’s happening over here. We have friends, no….Thistly family over here now and they are loving our ciders (though of course I’m fairly sure it’s just my handsome charm and International Scots accent that’s winning over all those cider and beer drinkers…).packing tshirts

I’m going to say that we have no favourites in terms of which state we love most, but if there was a scale Texas would be waaaaaay up there. The less-informed amongst you may be thinking, “surely all they drink there is Lone Star and Bud?” but no, this is one of the craft beer and cider engines of the United States.

The term, “everything is bigger in Texas” is certainly something that comes to mind. Big beer, big cider and big Thistly love for them all.

We’ve been working with Flood Distribution out here for just over 6 months now, these guys are new to the distribution game in terms of their own operation, but it’s built and nobi_pub_008sowned by people who have been in the industry for a number of years using their passion and love of everything craft. All their experience combined and their contacts in this incredible industry make up an awesome portfolio of beer, cider and spirits. Thanks to their efforts here in the Texas you can now find Thistly in Wholefoods, HEB and other leading supermarkets. We’re also on draught in some of the best and innovative craft beer bars in the state (my personal favourite is Nobi Bar and Grill in Houston! (see pic). If you’re visiting, make sure you say hi to Channing the owner who is a huge Thistly fan!”.Texas

Thanks Luke. So if you’re looking for an awesome place to drink in Texas (or anywhere else for that matter), check out our Where To Buy section on the website, or just give @ThistlyCross and @Thistly_Luke a shout on Twitter and we’ll point you in the right direction! And you could of course check out some of our Thistly US tastings starting tomorrow with our friends at Orchard Gate:

Thur 20th Aug, 7-9pm: The Globe, Irving Park, Chicago – Thistly Whisky Cask, Elderflower & Ginger in bottles

Fri 21st Aug, 3.30-5.30pm: Vas Foremost Liquors, Logan Sq, Chicago – Thistly tasting with JK Scrumpy

6-8pm: Monk’s Pub, W. Lake St, The Loop, Chicago – Thistly Whisky Cask & Ginger Ciders on a draught ‘Happy Hour’ promo

5-8pm: Sportman’s Club, Ukranian Village, Chicago – JK’s Farmhouse & Thistly Cross feature night

Sat 22nd Aug, 1-3pm: Binny’s Marcey St store, Goose Island – Thistly tasting

5-8pm: Fountainhead, Ravenswood/Lincoln Sq – Orchard Gate roll-out and food pairing