Thistly Festive Specials!

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the ‘C’ word starts getting bandied about, and people start panic buying huge tvs and wondering what the hell they’re going to get for Uncle Simon… well, Thistly is here to help, and offer you a moment of cider calm amidst the madness.

We’re launching our Festive Specials so you can click through to our website, and then sit back with a mince pie while we pack and deliver your order to any mainland UK address. Easy!

First off the starting blocks is the Thistly Christmas Combo!

Allowing you to personalise your cider choice – this the first time we’ve offered the chance to Mix & Match your Thistly Cross, with 2 x 5 Litre cider-boxes of your choosing delivered together – mix and match your flavours, and to fit your price bracket.

The 5L boxes are the perfect size for most fridges so you can decide whether you want to double up on your favourite variety, or whether you want to mix things up. There are some suggestions below as to good pairings but hey, just go with your gut – fancy a Mulled 5L combined with a Real Strawberry – then you can have it. Feeling like you don’t want to get festive yet? Then how about our newest family member, Cloudy 5.5% with an Elderflower! The Thistly world is your oyster.

Peter’s Selection: Elderflower and Strawberry – two lovely Real Fruit Ciders, seldom seen still. Drink individually, one glass at a time or mix for a classic Thistly “Half ‘n’ Half”. Equally, add to other drinks to make a host of Christmas Cocktails!

Old School Cider Combo: Scotlands Original cider and a cider unique to Scotland: Whisky Cask Cider.

Jaggy Tops: Jaggy Thistle plus one other of your choice: take your mainstream cider-drinking friends on a journey into scrumpy, glass by delicious glass.

Thistly’s Classic Christmas Combo: Mulled and Ginger – the perfect Festive ciders: just warm, spice and drink.

Thistly Christmas Combo – how do you like to drink yours?

We also have a couple of Bundle options on the Thistly web-shop:

Bundle One gets you 24 bottles of our 330ml cider in a great mix of our varieties with 3 x gift boxes PLUS a Thistly t-shirt, so you or a loved one can publicly declare their love, and Bundle Two gets you 24 x bottles and 3 x gift boxes.

Gifting made easy… and tasty!