Thistly’s Winter Whisky Warmer


We swear this is a glass full of Whisky Cask Cider, and not single malt!

It’s really starting to feel like Autumn/Winter now at Thistly – all crisp mornings and early-darkening evenings. Our #apples4cider appeal seeking to uncover all of Scotland’s unwanted and neglected apples has launched, and the fruit is already tumbling in to the Cider Shed. The apple press is going to be hard at work!

Whilst all Thistly’s ciders can be enjoyed the whole year round, at the forefront of the colder months is definitely our Whisky Cask Cider. We hugely value our growing relationship with Glen Moray Distillery, which allows our cider to benefit from maturation time in the rich, oak of their ex-distillery whisky casks. The Distillery itself has recently announced some exciting news; their own Glen Moray cider cask-finished Whisky is now available as a bottle-your-own at the distillery, and is selling fast!

glen-moray-whisky-cider-screenshotWhiskyNotes has a great piece mentioning the variety of Glen Moray ‘finishes’ from a Tweet Tasting organised by The Whisky Wire.

This includes their peated cask, sherry cask and others. Click here to read the full piece.


At Thistly we realise the value of using an authentic maturation process for our Whisky Cask Cider; these casks are a valuable resource, and we’re delighted to be continuing our collaboration with Graham and the team at Glen Moray.


There’s nothing like the depth of flavour imparted by the casks, and as a result, Thistly’s Whisky Cask Cider, made potent in the oak, has lingering tastes to be savoured.

As part of our barrel-aged range, Whisky Cask has found a secure place in Thistly’s core range; loved across the world, from St Andrews, to Stockholm and Chicago.

WCEach batch is entirely unique, as the gentle whisky flavour intermingles with subtle, medium dry cider.

This gives way to the distinctive full bodied flavour of each cask, allowing finishing overtones of whisky.

It’s the perfect winter warmer, with true Scottish provenance!


Want more about Thistly Cross’ and Glen Moray cask-swapping scheme? Click here.

Order your very own case of Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Cider, or even a 20L Cider box, delivered to your (mainland UK) door! Here.

And Glen Moray’s website can be found here.