Is it cider? Is it brandy? No, it’s Scottish Cider Brandy!

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Thistly has some exciting news…  After teaming up with Strathearn Distillery, we’ve joined forces in a world first: Scottish Cider Brandy.

“Scottish Cider Brandy?” we hear you say.  Yes, Scottish Cider Brandy!  We’ve used our delicious cider and Strathearn’s expertise in producing artisan Scottish spirits to come up with something quite unique: a cider spirit, made using Thistly Cross Cider, and matured in virgin oak casks.

Both teams have been testing the cider brandy at events across Scotland (we even let other people try it too!) and we’ve been blown away by the feedback.  We knew we had a good product – but it’s great when other people agree!

There’s a highly limited run of 200 bottles available, due to be launched on the 21st of June.  Two more casks are patiently holding the remaining spirit, with plans to be bottled in due course.

More info to come.  Stay in the loop and keep an eye on our social media!

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