Mulled Cider – not just for Christmas!

Mulled Cider – not just for Christmas! No really, especially when we (and some of you) live in colder climes, it’s the perfect time to talk about staying warm with mulled Thistly, and specifically our top-secret! Winter-red blend, full of spicy warming flavours, that still allows some sweet apple to come through. It’s tasty cold, but really comes into its own gently warmed.

And of course you have mulling choices – gently warm and serve our special blend Mulled Cider *OR* we realise that sometimes part of the fun of mulling cider is experimenting with flavours and making your own – chucking in whatever spices and fruits you fancy, or even a dash of your favourite spirit. So lots of Thistly ciders make a great base for mulling, from the crispness of our Traditional, through to the spice of Real Ginger, or warmth of Whisky Cask cider. The possibilities are endless so there could be hundreds of different Thistly Cross mulled ciders out there!

If you’re inexperienced with mulling, don’t worry. We recommend starting with your choice of Thistly Cross Cider and gently heating in a pan before adding spices.  Popular additions include oranges studded with cloves, honey, cinnamon sticks, and an added glug of brandy or Scotch Whisky for extra oomph. Make sure your creation is heated through (without boiling) then strain and ladle  into a (heatproof) glass, cup or mug. Add fruit juice to create a lighter mix or serve like a punch by adding slices of fruit. Then all you have to do is serve and enjoy!

Thistly Cross Mulled Cider is available to order in 20L and 5L cider bags in boxes for heating wherever and whenever you want.