It’s a Mulled Cider World Takeover!

It’s winter and all of a sudden that gently chilled, refreshing glass of cider is proving a lot less appealing and definitely not the sort of elixir to warm the bones.

No problem, we’ve got it sorted – mulled cider!

We’ve been banging the drum for mulled cider for little over a month now and have been overwhelmed at the response we’ve received.

You’ve tweeted us, emailed us and Facebooked us to tell us about your experiences in the world of mulled cider, including the locations where you’ve discovered some of the most mind-blowing blends imaginable.

We’ve had repeated tip-offs that the Roseleaf in Edinburgh has been hitting out with some awesome cider concoctions so we headed along to check it out in person where we met the owner – Lyn Kane – and also that day’s mulled special: a seasonal blend of Original Thistly with cinnamon, fresh orange slices and cloves, gently heated in a cider warmer.

“We stock Thistly Cross because it’s a local Scottish cider that tastes amazing. We started mulling Thistly as soon as the cooler months arrived; one must keep the chill off by warming ones cockles with a mug of mulled goodness!

“So far we’ve been experimenting with lots of different blends including spiced pear, strawberry & vanilla, even ginger & rum (yes, rum for an extra kick!)

“All of our Thistly mulled blends have received great feedback…it’s been embraced as a welcome alternative to mulled wine that gives less of a sore head in the morning.

“Over the next few weeks we’re going to roll out some food matchings with the mulled cider. Slow cooked pork belly sounds like a good pairing to us!”

Missing your favourite summer ciders? No problem! Just heat it up and while you’re at it why not stick in your own crazy combination of spices and fruit.

What’s more, you could be in with a chance of getting your hands on one of twelve Thistly Cross t-shirts to celebrate the arrival of the holiday season. Upload your snaps to our Facebook page, tweet us with the #thistlycrossmass hashtag or stick your snaps on Instagram for us to find.