Happy Thanksgiving from Thistly Cross

thanksgiving basket long
A very Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our friends Stateside and across the world from Thistly Cross country!

usa flagAnd while we can’t promise that cider was served at the first ever Thanksgiving, it was definitely the drink of choice for the first American colonists (hops for beer, or grapes for wine were just too difficult to grow), as it quickly became a safer (and tastier) alternative to their potentially unsafe drinking water. Thankfully, cider has now become a favourite at the Thanksgiving table on taste alone, both as a drink, and as an ingredient in lots of festive recipes – cider-brined turkey, cider-glazed ribs, apple cider cake, or a cider gravy anyone?

Which is just as well as Thistly Cross is continuing to make impressive inroads into the US of A, and is currently on the receiving end of more than a little love; our Ginger Cider has been chosen as one of Men’s Health magazine’s seasonal ‘Best Hard Ciders’ – read all about it here.  1383779_10151806094563876_1495777922_n

And lets not forget that it isn’t just the time of year for Thanksgiving, but it’s also Hanukkah as well as being traditionally the end of harvest, and finally St Andrews Day (the patron saint of Scotland) on the 30th November.

The temperature may be dropping but we’re still getting big, beautifully sunny skies just round the corner from the Cider Shed, so it’s a fine time to crack open a Thistly Cross cider and celebrate all things both American and Scottish!

november skies