Thistly Cross 2014


By now we hope you’ve recovered from all those excesses of Christmas, and abandoned any unattainable resolutions. We have two main suggestions for 2014 – enjoy Thistly Cross Cider, and be happy – easy to aim for and both guaranteed to make life better.

We’ve got lots of exciting plans for the year ahead, but right now we’re still catching our breath after our best December so far. Some producers might think about slowing down and tucking up cosy in Winter, but not us. Production continues through all the chilly months, as cider is thankfully now enjoyed the year-round – Thistly is for life not just for Summer!

whisky label on grass

Right now we’re embracing the toasty glow of Winter Warmers like our Whisky Cask, Original 7.2% and Real Ginger. And it’s not just us – in a completely unscientific survey of our Facebook fans, Whisky Cask emerged victorious, so whether you’re mulling or not, Thistly is perfect fuel for frosty days.

In the cider shed, tanks are being cleaned; bottles, kegs and PETainers are being filled, and new batches of cider from all those local apples we received in the Summer and Autumn (thank-you!) are maturing nicely. Which is just as well as we’ll soon be announcing details of a new flavour heading to the States for 2014… more next blog.

lan is packing for a trade mission (combined with some quality sightseeing) to Australia and Singapore, and Peter will be off to Craft Beer Rising 2014 (tickets available here while they last!) in Feb for a cider-packed weekend of amazing drinks, music and street food. We’re chuffed to be in the line-up that features some of the world’s finest brews reflecting the best in experimental and established brewing.  Peter will also be catching up with some of our Southerly customers while he’s down there, so get in touch if you fancy arranging a rendezvous.

And over the next few months, a big shiny new tank will soon be heading to Thistly HQ, so big in fact, that we may have to think about building a new shed to accommodate it…

filled open wh keg

Thanks for all your support in 2013, and we look forward to having you with us in 2014. Looks like it’s gonna be a good one!