GLINTCAP Cider Dispatches: Judges have left the building!

It’s all over bar the shouting, now the judging is complete at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, so this is our final Peter update before he heads off on further USA travels! The Michigan judging journey came to a suitable cider-y conclusion with a Cider Fest full of producers across the Blue Bridge over the Grand River.

By way of a final postscript, here’s a few final words from the man himself before he goes to lie down in a darkened room:

PS – so that the Organisers fully comprehend my gratitude, please see this appreciation translated as a BJCP reference: 124.513.534.” (apparently this only makes sense if you’re a cider-maker).

Huge thanks to Eric West, Rex and Mary Halfpenny, Mike Beck, Charles McGonigle, Jeff Carlson, Michael Wilcox and everyone involved with GLINTCAP for all their hospitality in welcoming our Thistly representative – and offering the opportunity to travel round the world of cider. And thanks to the ever cider-loving Michigan.

We look forward to the next stage when the results and medal-winners are announced!