Summer’s On Its Way #applewatch

app blsosomCider demand has started to increase so we KNOW Summer is on the way. It’s a FACT. Although looking at the foggy skies today it still seems a little distant. But as we dream of a sunny cider in the garden, there’s just no denying the apple blossom that’s beginning to creep out on the branches as the weather elder gdngets a little warmer. #Applewatch is officially on!

Thistly is proud to use as many local apples as it can get its hands on so whether you’ve got big or small orchards, bear us in mind when they’re eventually full of fruit.

Over the last few months the Thistly cider press has been red hot, due to lots of orders and new retailers across the UK, and further afield including Estonia and the USA. Shipments have also been heading off to Holland and Australia.

Here’s a snap by Gan Teck Kar of Thistly being introduced to Singapore . Gan Tek photo 2

So it’s the perfect time for a massive update to our website Where To Buy lists. We’re busy adding new locations and fan-suggested retailers. Remember, if you’ve found our cider anywhere that’s not on our lists, please drop us a quick line. We’ll add the details to help Thistly hunters worldwide find the best cider there is in our opinion, and pop your name beside it too so you can get the kudos (we don’t have to name you if you’re feeling a little shy). And while we’re at it (if you haven’t already) it’s definitely time to get your link on and join our Thistly community on Facebook, Twitter, find us on Instagram as @Thistlycrosscider, and Pinterest. Chock-full of fellow Thistly lovers sharing and enjoying cidery inspiration. Join us. We might get badges soon. Badges are cool.

vsphotoWe’ve also linked up with a VisitScotland competition, so you may see some of our bottles smartly dressed in their competition neck collars.

There are competition links here too on the website, but no need to click… unless you want to win a luxury break to St Andrews that is!

The prize includes lots of good stuff: Gold Season Passes for Knockhill Racing Circuit, land-yachting on the famous ‘Chariots of Fire’ beach and use of a classic camper van.(g) vs bottles

Out on the road, we had a blast at Craft Beer Rising, and have been encouraging the #ciderlove far and wide with lashings of Thistly tastings and guest appearances, most recently at Climpson’s Arch in Hackney, The Font in Chorlton, and Bow Bar in our home city of Edinburgh. Too many events to list here but we try to get as many as we can up on Twitter or  Facebook.

Let us know if your apple trees are flowering yet, or even better, send us a snap (or a link to one).

Call to attention – everyone on #applewatch this year!