We love the Whiski Bar & Restaurant

Pride of place on Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, you’ll find the Whiski Bar and Restaurant.

whiski bar

Serving delicious Scottish food and over 300 whiskies, the Whiski Bar and Restaurant was an early adopter of our cider as manager Rory explains:

“We’ve been stocking Thistly Cross Cider for over four years.

“At the beginning it was mainly tourists who were interested in the cider as they wanted to try anything that was Scottish!

“More recently Thistly’s popularity has gone through the roof with Edinburgh locals coming in looking for the cider too.

“At the moment, our clientele are polishing off about four kegs a week at least. People are thirsty for proper cider; so much so we’ve taken out Strongbow completely and replaced it with Thistly on draft!”

whiski bar

A multi-award winning restaurant, part of the Whiski Bar’s success is its reputation as one of Edinburgh’s best Scottish restaurants…and there’s more than just haggis on the menu:

“The Whiski Restaurant strives to give visitors a taste of Scotland using fresh, natural ingredients.

“We’re also working on recipes that combine different Scottish ingredients like our mussels in a Thistly Cross Cider sauce which go down a right treat!”

In keeping with the Whiski Bar being one of the first Edinburgh bars to stock our cider, we made sure they were among the first to sell our cider on keg – a new addition to the Thistly Cross line-up.


“We’ve recently begun selling the cider from kegs and it’s been working really well.

“So far we’ve been able to put the Original 7.2% on draft – which is definitely our most popular cider – with Real Strawberry, Real Ginger and Whisky Cask still available by the bottle.”

And at the end of a busy day, Rory knows which cider is his favourite:

“My absolute favourite is Thistly’s Original 7.2% Still. An ice cold pint of that – what a way to round off a hard day’s work!”